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Designing and building a custom 2 storey narrow lot home is becoming popular as Perth’s established, and new suburbs continue with the trend of narrower building blocks.

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This wonderful home in Wembley is a great example of what you can achieve when building a 2 storey on a narrow lot.

Following local design guidelines our experienced design team crafted this narrow home in Perth. As blocks of land are often subdivided in many established suburbs around Perth, narrow lot family homes have grown in popularity.

The open carport features at the front of the residence and the entry door is conveniently located to the side of the portico entry. This adds street front privacy as bwell as clever design to engage a covered portico with the overhanging upper floor.

The flow of double storey homes designed for narrow blocks often follows common design conventions. The ground floor caters for the main living areas with the upper floor primarily for the bedrooms and bathrooms.

With all narrow lot home designs, living space should be utilised wisely and it’s very important to bring light in from different angles. This brightens the whole home and creates a warm, welcoming feeling.

As with any custom home built by Innova Builders, the specification is flexible. As custom home builders we recommend everything from design to specification and even colours to ensure your final home will be loved for years to come.

Building a new home is such an exciting process. You ultimately are the architect of your future lifestyle and as designers and builders we provide our expertise to you to ensure your new home is as wonderful as it can be.

The colour palette in this home is light with a few grey shades along with timber flooring for added natural warmth.

Overall the result for this residence is that it’s comfortable, practical, spacious and a great new home in the leafy green established suburb of Wembley in Perth.

Building on a Narrow Block? No Problem

11 Ideas to Maximise Space When Building a 2-Story Home On A Narrow Block

It seems new home builds are getting smaller the closer you get to Australia’s urban centres. And if you’re looking to live closer to your favourite coffee shops, schools, and family, you’re going to have to sacrifice your dreams of living in a large home and build on a small narrow block.

But you have more room to work with than you think.

Building your two-storey home on a narrow block of land doesn’t have to limit the type of home you design. With a bit of creativity and a strategic plan that maximises spaces, you’ll be able to create a home that is uniquely yours.

The challenges of building on a narrow block
A narrow block is defined as having frontage anywhere between 4.5 m to 12.5 m. These types of properties are becoming increasingly common, especially in more urban areas of Australia.

Building on a narrow patch often requires that you construct a multi-storey home. This may create obstacles if residents in the house have mobility challenges. Building on a small block can also impact the type of lighting you can bring into the home. And it may also influence the home’s orientation. And finally, there are also local building codes and regulations to consider, including:

● Building height limits
● How much of the land you can build on
● Parking provisions

But even with these challenges, constructing an airy home on a narrow block is possible with the right combination of creative architectural skills, knowledge, and expertise.

Here are eleven tips when building a new two storey home on a narrow block.
1. Design an open floor plan
To create the feeling of spaciousness within a smaller space, start with an open plan. You can do this by creating multipurpose rooms for things like living, dining, or a study, instead of breaking up the floor plan into multiple rooms. By doing so, you’ll maximise your space and create a space that naturally brings friends and family together.
2. Open up a room with high vaulted ceilings
Since building on a narrow plot of land may require you to construct upwards rather than horizontally, incorporating high ceilings into the design can give your home a bigger, more open feel. Plus, higher ceilings also add to the value of the house if you decide to sell it later.
3. Bring in natural light every chance you get
Good lighting is essential to creating the illusion of space within a narrow home. But lighting inside a limited space can also be tricky. Often these homes are built in urban areas of bigger cities, where neighbouring buildings can block sunlight. And if your home shares a wall with neighbours, having windows on all sides is not always feasible.
However, installing floor-to-ceiling windows where possible allows ample light to stream in. And when placed strategically, enhances awe-inspiring views. Builders can also incorporate skylights to tap into natural light. The result is a home that feels airy and spacious rather than cramped and dark.
4. Get creative with your storage area
Clutter can easily make a home feel cramped and, well, cluttered!
When designing and building a home on a narrow block, creatively using every nook and cranny for storage can help ensure the limited space feels more expansive. For example, consider incorporating storage under the stairs, in the ceiling and within the furniture you bring in to keep the area clean and spacious. It’s a perfect opportunity to incorporate functionality in the design and plans for the home.
5. Choose interior colours that open up a room
Lighter colours are known to help make a room feel more expansive and airier. They also help reflect the natural light that will be streaming through skylights and large windows.
While white may be the obvious choice, softer colours like taupe, cool grey, and blush pink can have the same effect. Even some darker accent colours have their benefits. Well-placed warm tones can give a cozy feel while adding depth to rooms.
6. Simple and easy-care landscaping
A modest-sized home within a busy city can be the perfect location to bring in a zen-like, nature-filled zone—layer plants of different sizes to create the illusion of space or incorporate vertical gardens. Use plants like bamboo to create a leafy paradise and enjoy privacy from your neighbours.
Creativity is essential here, but a small space is no reason not to incorporate landscaping into your design.
7. Consider courtyards and balconies
With limited space, courtyards have replaced backyards in new homes. Although you won’t be able to play football, you can still gather for regular outdoor activities like BBQ-ing and outdoor dinner parties with a small number of friends.
Consider incorporating a walled garden into your narrow space. Or create a fence and seat combo for a small garden space. Don’t forget to utilise the walls to create a space that extends your living area.
8. Extend your line of sight
Extend your line of sight. Clever placement of windows can make a room appear larger and more spacious if your line of sight can extend through to the outdoors. A living room extending out through glass sliding doors or bi-folds to an alfresco area always makes the room feel larger. Great designers think of this when designing for narrow blocks.
9. Simplify your streetscape
Being a narrow home, most of the ground floor street frontage will be taken up by a double garage or carport. That doesn’t leave many option for the street front so keeping it simple and stylish always looks better than making it too busy or trying to include too many features.
10. Easy access
Include a bathroom on each floor. This is simply for convenience. At the minimum have a guest powder room on the ground floor to avoid stair traffic
11. Consider a personal lift
If stairs are a concern for you, speak to Innova about including a personal lift. These are becoming very popular and are practical if you decide to design your narrow lot home with a reverse living upstairs.
Building on a smaller parcel of land doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice some of the functionality you’ve always dreamed about. On the contrary, with an experienced team, you’ll be able to build the dream home you’ve always imagined for yourself.
Build Your Dream Home With Us
Ready to start a conversation about your dream home? Whether you have a narrow lot, a sloping block or looking for something different like a reverse living home, our team at Innova can help you design and build your perfect new home.


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