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There are many reasons to design a reverse living 2 storey home – and one of those many reasons is practicality. This is exactly what the owners asked for in the design and building of their wonderful reverse living home that includes a personal lift for easy access to the upper floor.

personal lift
staircase to the upper floor area
upstairs kitchen
upstairs living area
galley kitchen
upstairs alfresco and bbq area
his and hers vanity
downstairs bathroom

Often people will consider a reverse living home design to capture views. This moves the main living area to the first floor and allows for views to be enjoyed from large front-facing windows. It’s a common sense approach to great double storey home design when views are readily available.

However, in this instance, there are no views to capture. But reverse living (also commonly referred to as upside down living or an upside down house) makes a lot of sense for this new Ardross residence.

Established suburbs like Ardross, Applecross, Mt Pleasant, Booragoon, Alfred Cove, Bicton and other beautiful suburbs across Perth are being rezoned and redeveloped due to the popularity in location. This results in higher density living (which is a good thing when it doesn’t result over-crowding). With higher density, homes are often closer in proximity and the smaller block sizes mean multi-storey homes are the best choice.

So a reverse living 2 storey makes a lot of sense for two reasons;

1. The upper living zones are usually lighter and brighter during the day time hours. There is less to obscure the sunlight on the first floor, so flipping the living zones upstairs makes a lot of sense. This allows more natural light into the home, saving energy.

2. Cross ventilation plays a big role in cooling down our homes on hot summer days in Perth. Just like the sunlight, the first floor has much better airflow than downstairs as there’s less buildings obstructing the cooling winds.

One factor to consider is a personal lift. As the average age of our population is trending upwards, more people want easier access in their homes. So the stairwell is fine, except as we age stairs can become more difficult to manage – especially if we’ve carried injuries from our sporting days.

A personal lift should be designed on the house plans so the ground floor entrance is close to the Garage for shopping bag access, but also close to the upper floor kitchen.

All of these design considerations are exactly what was included in the amazing new home design.

The ground floor caters for the master bedroom and minor bedrooms and utility areas. They’re all double sizes and include plenty of storage space. These bedrooms are all away from noisy common areas so become very quiet and private – a must for a relaxing rest after a busy day at the office.

The first floor enjoys an open plan living zone with the Kitchen, Dining and Living located at the front of the home with access to the balcony and BBQ area through sliding stacking doors.

But there’s also a home theatre upstairs and an oversized home office/studio room. For convenience a powder room is also located on the first floor to minimise trips up and down the stairs or lift.

So when you’re about to build, consider if reverse living 2 storey homes might better suit your lifestyle or block location. You might just find yourself falling in love with reverse living like so many other Australian families.

The Beauty Behind a Reverse Living Two-Storey Home Design

Why Australians are Bucking Traditional Two-Storey Layouts

When you invite someone to your house, it’s natural to want their first impressions of your home to reflect your unique personality. You would like them to experience the very best part of your home—the best lighting, the best views and the best space.

But what if “the best” is upstairs tucked away inside bedrooms?

In a country where the outdoors boasts breathtaking views, more and more Australians are choosing to adopt a reverse two-storey home design.

A layout made popular in Scandinavian countries, this home design balances comfort with function to create a home that uniquely reflects their lifestyle. But it’s not only about taking in breathtaking views. Reverse living two storey designs also have practical benefits.

But first, what makes a reverse living two-storey home design different?

When you walk into a traditional two-story home, you’ll find the living rooms, kitchens, and other shared spaces on the ground floor. Bedrooms and private living areas are located upstairs.

In a reverse living two-storey home, the set-up is completely flipped. All the important activities—family gatherings, meals and entertainment—are now happening upstairs, where a designer can effectively showcase the surrounding vistas utilising big windows, skylights and the higher vantage point.

Six practical benefits of REVERSE LIVING:

1. Bask in as much natural light as possible while sitting in your kitchen, living, and dining spaces

Natural light streaming in through floor to ceiling windows and skylights can be a great way to entertain friends over for a Sunday Brunch. By flipping the layout of your home, you can fill the important rooms of the house with sunshine.

The additional light can also make a space feel bigger and more welcoming. You’ve probably considered both of these elements when you’ve pictured entertaining in your dream home. Flipping the layout upside down can make it possible!

Plus, wouldn’t it make sense for the bedrooms to have less light since that’s where you’ll be getting sleep?

2. Enjoy surrounding views and environment with your family

Like we mentioned, showcasing breathtaking vistas was one of the primary reasons homeowners considered flipping their layout for a reverse living design. It’s nice to wake up with the sun streaming into your bedroom. But if you’re spending 70% of your time in the living room area downstairs, wouldn’t you want the best light accompanying you?

With a reverse living design, you’ll relish and enjoy the views of the Australian sunset from the rooms you and your family are spending the most time in.

3. Save energy and money

A reverse layout can also help you save on your electricity bill. With more natural light coming into the most used rooms in the house, you won’t need to turn on the lights until much later in the day. Plus, the warmth of the sun can also serve as a natural heater to the house.

Additionally, with bedrooms located downstairs where it is generally cooler, you won’t need to turn on the A/C as often during the warm summer months. Plus, with larger windows upstairs, you’ll be able to enjoy the summer breeze throughout the house.

4. Embrace your dream of raised or raked ceilings for your living spaces

A raised ceiling adds grandeur to a room and makes an ordinary area seem much larger. Higher ceilings can also make it possible to add even more windows, allowing for more natural lights to come into the home.

Have you ever wanted to raise the ceiling in your family room? Or maybe you’ve always dreamed about having raked ceilings to frame your kitchen? When you design a home with these two rooms on the second floor, you automatically give designers more vertical space to work with to make it happen.

5. Add privacy to your home without blocking the sun

If you’re not a fan of people looking into your home while you’re entertaining, you’ve probably found yourself drawing the blinds or closing the curtains. But imagine if you could keep the windows coverings open to see the beauty of the outdoors while maintaining a level of privacy?

Moving essential rooms like the living room and the kitchen to the second floor can add an extra layer of privacy not available on the street level. And with bedrooms tucked away on the bottom floor, you won’t mind keeping your curtains closed.

6. Improve the airflow throughout the house

With a traditional layout, most of the second floor will consist of closed bedrooms–leaving no way for air coming in through the windows to flow through the whole house. But with a reverse layout, the open areas and large windows would be on the second floor. So if there’s a good breeze, the open spaces on the second floor will allow for more air to circulate and flow through most of the house.

A reverse living two storey home can be a great way to enjoy the beauty of Australia while offering practical benefits to your home.

Considering a reverse living design for your two-story home?

If you’ve been considering a different layout for your home to highlight the beauty around you. Or do you want to bring in more natural lighting where you spend the most time in your home? Set up a time to speak with our team at Innova Builders.

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